Bahamian Men Are The Problem (And Its Time To Talk About It) | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew So it was '01 in Halifax and I'm in love with Janice. First girlfriend of my adulthood and an exciting time for me. I was just realizing that maybe I wasn't as ugly as I was told in high school and perhaps being a large, overgrown manchild wasn't the worst thing on the planet. It was the typical dance one does when they fall in love for the first time: The butterflies, the romance, the rampant disrespectful cheating, the walks in the park……you guys understand I'm sure. Oh the cheating part? Oh ya…that happened. I was all over the place like a cock with its head cut off. Or, I don't know….a cock with a cock in a hen house. See, in my mind, I was doing what I had heard all my boys do and what every guy in every barbershop claims to have done: Have multiple women and have the good one at home. That's standard procedure, right? No one tells the other side of that story. The side where the girl creeps on your MSN messenger, reads the messages from one of your side