New Era, Familiar Mishaps: WWE 2016 Draft | 10th Year Seniors
by RICARDO WELLS World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) missed an opportunity to put its best foot forward. Tuesday's brand split draft was supposed to push the company further into its "New Era" of sports entertainment, but all it did was leave viewers with as many questions as they had heading into the first live SmackDown event. Here's some background: The WWE product has awful for much of the last decade. To keep it modest, it has been an abysmal failure. Poor television ratings aside, writers and show-runners haven't shown the ability to draft and execute quality shorelines on par with the thrilling tales of the Attitude Era. The Triple H/ Stephanie McMahon Authority concept, which was billed as a replacement for the on-screen "maniacal billionaire" persona of CEO Vince McMahon, has grown tiring and predictable. Raw has twiddle from Spike TV, to the WWE Network all the way back to its original home USA.
SmackDown couldn't keep pace with NXT, acting only to tie up loose ends left over