10YS – 2016 NBA Mock Draft | 10th Year Seniors
by DAKARAI and RENALDO The NBA Finals just concluded and irrespective of how you feel about outcome, we have to appreciate the importance and gravity of this moment. All of the superstars you just witnessed have an impact on the Finals with the stare downs, nut punching or weak-ass trash talk - they all got their start on this very same night at the Draft. Golden State started four lottery picks (Steph, Klay, Barnes, Bogut) and second round pick (Draymond) that would have been top five pick if we re-did the 2012 Draft . The Cavaliers started four lottery picks (Kyrie, LeBron, Thompson, Love) and the their turn-up MVP, the man who has not won a shirt since Cleveland won the championship (JR Smith) was selected on the fringe of the lottery at 18. The Draft matters. The literal future of multiple franchises hangs in the balance based on people who still get carded at airport bars and share every waking moment of their lives on social media. Mock Drafts are a way for everyone to