How Will We Remember Kimbo Slice? | 10th Year Seniors
By RENALDO DORSETT I don't think we'll have any idea how to properly mourn him. When the news of Kimbo Slice's death spread the way these things do now - speculated on social media for an hour before actual confirmation – the 10YS team followed it on Twitter for hours hoping it was a hoax, hoping the language used was a bit premature. Then TMZ confirmed, and it was real. For the Bahamas, a country full of xenophobes that love to claim family and people that may or may not be "ours" (as an old world print media member I'm a major cause of this. I once wrote a "Geno Smith has Bahamian roots" story because I needed to fill space), I never thought we as a people fully capitalized on the Kimbo Slice phenomenon the way we should have. We had a legit marquee name in his sport that was proud of his Bahamian heritage, so much so that put the flag on full display anytime he entered an octagon, cage or ring. Have we ever seen another Bahamian athlete in an individual sport do that at