April Photo Stories | 10th Year Seniors
Ricardo - Someone said Perry and crew in the building, I hope they don't see me! Taige - That face you make when you woke up after a bender and you're trying to replay in your mind where you are and how you got there Randy- If you're a shooter, this is how you have to celebrate every three.. word to Sheed John - I wish we were shooting on my crate hoop. Dakarai- When all KFC has left is the manager's special. Ricardo - I was doing good, but as soon as we made eye contact; it was all down hill from there. Taige - "you wanna just be friends? That's cool I guess... *sniffle*" Randy- "Who really wants to talk when they lose" Dakarai - Wrong sport bro. Ricardo - Soca fete they said. Two hours later..... Taige - "not my nu...." Dakarai - Looking at the goal before shots is so overrated. Ricardo - This OTT not be possible. Taige - you used to do stuff like this with your boy by the swings at lunch don't lie. Randy- "Gatorade commercial type wibe"