Open Letter to the Bahamian Beyhive: #Switcha | 10th Year Seniors
By Drew I don't like Beyonce. Know the last time I started an article like this? I was talking about Sancheska Scorpion woman with no soul Dorsett. That fact alone should tell you the gravity of my disdain for Beyonce. Lets be clear, I think she is an amazing performer, she has one of the best voices in pop and R&B and she is gorgeous. No really, she's beautiful. She had a baby with Jay Z for Christ sake and look at what she made No one is denying how great she is. But I don't like Beyonce. Why? Because I think she's a half measure. See back in the day when women, especially pop stars, sang about love and loss you knew there was SOME shred of truth behind their music. Mary J Bliges first 6 albums was her working out her horrible domestic issues. Not Beyonce. She blatantly lies to women through her music and I find the Bahamian Beyhive to be the most ridiculous when they defend her foolishness. Anyone who knows me knows this article has been a long time coming and now with