Drake The Thrones | 10th Year Seniors
by ANDREW and KARI Humans of earth the day is upon us. This is the day we've been waiting for. The day we have longed for. Game of Thrones is back and its about goddamn time. But then, just when we were dealing with what I assume will be an emotional roller coaster of a first episode, four days later, Aubrey "Drake" Graham will drop his much anticipated "Views from the 6" album. I might as well tell you, depending on Jon Snow's status, you might as well get ready to feel all of your feelings. I was sitting down thinking this week about how many similarities there are between Game of Thrones and the music of Drake. He's super emotional but pretends he can handle himself in these streets. Game of Thrones is super emotional and equally as fictional as his street cred. So, with this in mind, Dakarai (DD) and Andrew (AB) give you Drake the Thrones. Tyrion Takes Care - DD "This game is different You only get one shot when niggas gon' foul on you Man, fuck 'em all, man, we want it all