Bahamians Still Absent At Bahamas Bowl | 10th Year Seniors
Ricardo Wells While the annual Popeyes Bahamas Bowl has quickly become a must-see event with respect to the American college teams on the field, it hasn't exactly translated that belief into the local spectators. For a second consecutive year a seasoned statistician could quickly put pen to paper and surmise that fan bases for both teams accounted for majority of the spectators at the game. Official attendance was listed at 13,123 but if we discount the fans of both universities, the players and coaches that roamed the sidelines may have outnumbered Bahamains at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium on Christmas Eve. During last year's inaugural game social media websites were plastered with content referencing the games dismal turnout, desperately needing Central Michigan's miracle play in the final stages to rescue the headlines. Sad to say the least. This year was suppose to set a new trend; this one was suppose to fill the stadium and mark the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl as a staple on