High Praise For Tum Tum | 10th Year Seniors
By RENALDO DORSETT WHILE in town to participate in the 28th Jeff Rodgers Celebrity All-Star Classic, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green took time out to explore a Bahamian connection of his own - his relationship with Bahamian guard and fellow Michigan State Spartan, Lourawls "Tum Tum" Nairn. Green spent four years under head coach Tom Izzo with the Spartans and is still an active member of the programme. Known as a vocal leader on both ends of the floor, he saw similar traits in Nairn while they trained together in the offseason and played in Lansing's Moneyball Pro-Am. "That's my guy, I love 'Tum Tum' and he's like a little brother to me. You just see that aura that he carries about himself, you see the confidence that he has and the way he pulls people with him," Green said. "I didn't only play in the Pro Am with him, I worked out with him everyday, I lift with him everyday. Just to see the way he pulled the guys together was special. Not only does he do it with his voice