Chris Brown Left Off World Championships Team | 10th Year Seniors
By RENALDO DORSETT Chris "Fireman" Brown, the former national record holder in the 400 and one of the London Olympics "Golden Knights," has not been selected by the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA) to run the individual 400 metres at the IAAF World Championships in Beijing next month. "It feels personal, it feels like someone is trying to sabotage this point in my career. I don't know what the motivation is, but issues continue to come up for whatever reason," Brown said. "God is good and he has the final say. I am not worried and I am not concerned at all. I know what I have contributed to the country and to the sport in all my years competing. My hopes are up and I feel good. If they decide that I should not be a part of this team, I wish them all the best moving forward and I will continue doing what I have to do and what is best for my family and my career." Brown, 36, did not compete in the event at last weekend's BAAA Senior Nationals, but has run three sub-45