NFL Picks: Super Bowl XLIX | 10th Year Seniors
by RENALDO DORSETT and SANNIE BROWN It all comes down to this. One game to rule them all, one game to find them, One game to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. If it sounds familiar, it shouldn't. I totally made that up just now and I've never even heard of Lord of the Rings. Regular Season Renaldo: 151-104-1, .589 Sannie: 151-104-1, .589 Playoffs Renaldo: 0-2 (6-4, .600) Sannie: 1-1 (6-4, .600) Super Bowl XLIX New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks From the moment Nate Solder caught that 16 yard touchdown pass in the AFC title game, I immediately got to work on my talking points. There's only way to to approach this - like the most staunch of all bible thumping, conservative right wing Republicans. Facts be damned, you get your talking points and you go to war. Slim Charles said it best in one of my favourite quotes from The Wire - Seahawks, you're the last line of defence against this evil…and you have to fight. Marshawn vs.