"Broom" Up Next For NPA at Ridley College | 10th Year Seniors
by RENALDO DORSETT Two-sport star Livingston Bromwell is billed as "The Next Man Up" for Noble Preparatory Academy and will have his opportunity to fulfill that promise when he leaves this week for an exchange program at a prestigious Canadian boarding school. Bromwell will be another in the line of NPA students to participate in the exchange programme between the two institutions, which acts as the precursor to a the possibility of an athletic scholarship following its conclusion. Ridley College, located in St Catharine's, Ontario, Canada, is one of the leading private boarding and day university preparatory schools in the country. Ridley is one of the oldest private schools in Canada, and has the largest boarding program in Ontario, with students representing over 35 countries. The 17-year-old Bromwell, said he relishes the opportunity to prove himself on the international stage, and feels well prepared to represent, himself, his family and NPA when he leaves for Ridley College on