NFL Picks: Week 8 | 10th Year Seniors
by RENALDO DORSETT Week 7 Awards The "This Is Great So W're Going Run It Into The Ground, Then Run It One More Time" Award presented by Every Bahamian DJ that still has C-Murder's 'Down For My N's' in heavy rotation - DeMarco Murray. Jason Garrett and the Cowboys coaching staff are really taking this one game at a time thing to the next level. The short sighted way they're running Murray can't possibly pay dividends in the long run. Then again what do I know, they're 6-1. The "As Long As Everyone Agrees to Be Terrible, We All Have a Shot" Award presented by The Bahamian Political Machine - NFC South. The leader in this divison is 3-3-1 and even the 1-5 Buccaneers are still in the mix. The "Overwhelming Opinion On You Fluctuates From Week to Week, This Week You Suck" Award presented by The average female's Summer Body fitness plan - Jay Cutler. Has there ever been a guy this far into his career that we're still debating whether he's a franchise quarterback? Week 7