A Beginner's Guite to being a Division II Football Fan | 10th Year Seniors
Football is upon us. Along we go, out of the doldrums of the "dog days" period of late summer after basketball ends. When the only thing on television is baseball, a nigh-unwatchable shadow of the rock-concert it once was about fifteen years ago thanks to P.E.D. testing (meh.)So we pin all our hopes on the incoming football season. Most casual observers like NFL teams but hardcores like me love college football. Camp opens up and news springs up every day. Little blurbs about who's playing well, who's looking nice (everybody's "looking nice", nobody has ever stunk up the joint according to any in-camp report) leak out on websites across the internets at intervals that made you wonder if Kris Jenner was behind them. For people who root for schools like Alabama, Oregon and Texas this provides a nice addendum to the news the Lee Corsos and Jesse Palmers of the world are able to provide coverage on the national stage. This news is everything a fan of University of West Alabama, my Alma