Veggie-Nutty-Chocolatey Eggless Brownies: Dreams about food presages near future | Ginger It Up
The Healthiest ever Eggless Chocolate Brownie From past 2-3 nights, I have been quite restless and not getting enough sleep.I had been dreaming of some unusual stuff which kept me quite disturbed. But this particular night came out to be a chocolatey night. Heaven, I was dreaming of a lot of chocolates lying all around me. I had read somewhere that Chocolate in the dream is a symbol of the sweet life. Any dream that features chocolate in it is a simple omen that foretells good health and contentment, coupled with a pampered lifestyle. Chocolate Insanity in On !!! According to many astrological sites,dreams about food signify nourishment of the mind and body. But the kind of food in the dream can symbolize a wide variety of things. Dreaming of chocolate represents celebration and love. It also expresses rewards and gratification. Chocolate is considered to be the food of the gods and of the spirits, chocolate suggests sensuality and enjoyment and freedom from the mundane. Wohoooo.... A