Best Keto-Approved Thanksgiving Foods | Reader's Digest | Full2thin
Diet & Weight Loss Kimberly HollandNov 06 If you're following the keto eating regimen this Turkey Day, you don't should cheat to take pleasure in most of your favourite Thanksgiving meals. Many of them are utterly keto-friendly, whereas a lot of the others require solely easy modifications. Turkey Elena Veselova/Shutterstock Turkey Day with out turkey can be a tragic vacation certainly. Great information for ketogenic (keto) dieters: Turkey is completely keto-friendly. Spice rubs and marinades are additionally sometimes keto-friendly. Just keep away from any that use sugar or flour. "If you reach for turkey, grab a leg instead of a breast, since dark meat is higher in fat," recommends Lindsey Bristol, MS, RD, of Swanson Health. Check out the 10 unexpected health benefits of the keto diet. Charcuterie board stefano carniccio/Shutterstock While visitors collect, maintain them occupied with snacks and bites that occur to be keto-friendly, too. A charcuterie board, full with meat