Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop – |
Dogs seem to have an affinity for finding, eating and enjoying cat poop. While this will never make logical sense to you, there are some reasons why dogs eat cat poop based on health or behavioral issues. If you are concerned about your pooch eating cat feces out of the litter box or while out and about, identify the reason so that you can create the solution. Some dogs seem to just have a nose for this, going on a walk and out of nowhere finding a new source of cat poop. Stop wondering, "why do dogs eat cat poop," and take a proactive approach. If it isn't a medical condition leading to the cat poo craving, you can deal with the issue with dog training. As with most dog behavioral issues, the earlier you start the process and the more consistent you are with training, the more effective the solution will be. Is Cat Poop Dangerous for My Dog In most cases, dogs eating cat poop will not have any negative health effects from doing so. However, if they eat cat feces from the litter