The Pros and Cons of Puppy Training Classes |
You've just brought home your adorable new puppy, and what happens?… He pees on your carpet… And starts chewing on your shoes. Time for puppy training classes? My answer is maybe— All dogs need some form of training in order to live happy, relaxed lives, but is Puppy School really the best answer? There are lots of pros and cons to enrolling you pup in a puppy training class right away but there are also some very important topics that puppy class may not address… So what are the pros and cons? Let's take a look… The Cons of Puppy Training Classes While sending your pup to "school" might sound like a responsible thing to do, there are drawbacks to some puppy training classes. Here's what you need to be careful about… Con #1 – One-Time Fix Gimmick It's so common and easy for people to think that because they went to puppy school they will have a great dog! But, that is like thinking that because you take your kid to kindergarten for 4 weeks that he/she will be a great adult! There