The Pros and Cons of Fresh Dog Food – Top Dog Tips |
There are many benefits to feeding your pup fresh dog food, but you should carefully consider the downside before you make the switch or begin giving your pets fresh foods. Feeding food made with only fresh ingredients and no fillers will help you to have a healthier dog, but what you must consider is the added cost, if fresh dog food is practical for your lifestyle, and what type of fresh diet to feed your pups. Fresh Ingredients, No Fillers, Healthier Dog One of the biggest benefits to feeding your pet fresh dog food is that you know exactly what is in the meal that you're serving. When you choose a fresh dog food from a delivery service or the refrigerator section of your local pet store, you will be able to easily read all of the ingredients that are in the package; none of them will sound unfamiliar. This allows you to ensure that the food only contains the ingredients that you want your dog to consume, and none of the ones you don't, like fillers, preservatives or any artificial