The Best Dog Supplements Guide – |
More and more pet owners are using dog supplements to help their dogs live healthier, longer and more active lives. Most supplements are the same vitamins and minerals that humans use but are designed for easier digestion through the dog's digestive tract. The question becomes whether supplements are required for your dog's health or just an additional way for pet owners to give their pets the best life possible? Here is your healthy dog supplement guide: Supplements: Safe, Necessary or Bonus Just like with humans, dog supplements are just that: a supplement to diet and exercise. You can't reverse health issues. Joint problems such as degeneration or diseases such as Cushing's Disease don't miraculously go away. Supplements do, however, help your dog function better with higher energy, healthier coats and ease joint issues. Always check with your veterinarian before you start any supplement program. This is true for all dogs but especially in elderly dogs or animals with existing