Should You Buy a Dog or Should You Adopt (Pros and Cons) – |
Adopting a dog is a subject that is very close to my heart. Petfinder helps people find the right pet every day! After all I work with dogs all day, and some of the best are adoptions. So let's discuss the pros and the cons of adopting a dog; and the pros and the cons of buying a puppy! Puppies We all love them! And, to be honest I bought one puppy and adopted the other. Puppies are a little bit less of a gamble when it comes to competition and integrating with other pets. I wanted a dog that I could compete in a very high level of protection sports with at that time in my life. I did my research, her father was imported from Belgium and had earned a Schutzhund or IPO 3 (it was Schutzhund then). He was also a known producer meaning his puppies were doing well in the competition world as well. Her mother was a working police dog. Ironically I grilled the police officer and tried to ensure that I would get a dog with an "off" switch. Anyone who knows extreme working dogs like