How to Train Your Dog To Stay – |
Learning how to train your dog to stay is one of the most important skills you can achieve as a dog-owner team. Not only is having this control extremely satisfying as a dog owner, but it is vital in helping keep him safe when situation arise that would otherwise be dangerous and potentially lethal. While it was okay for Underdog to sprint towards danger saying, "Never fear, Underdog is here," uncontrolled curiosity and charging put mortal dogs at risk. When distractions or danger appear for a well-trained dog, a simple command sends him into a sit position where he stays quietly until released. A well-taught stay command means that dog owners don't need to be worried about what is going on around them because their dog will remain in the stay position until the release signal is given. Tips for Learning Sit-Stay Service dogs are recognized masters of this skill but every dog is capable of maintaining the stay command and many other basic commands. Obedience training is the foundation