How to Socialize a Puppy and Things to Avoid – |
How do you socialize a puppy? This seems like an easy enough task, right? I mean, you just take your puppy out and expose him to things…. Seems like one of the easiest ideas and tasks available when it comes to your new puppy. If you think that, socializing a puppy is a simple and easy process you are WRONG! Click here for more information. Puppies are young and pliable. Think of your toddler: if you threw him into a body of water, or if he was traumatized by a farmer in a red tractor; he might very well suffer from a lifetime of the fear of large bodies of water and farmers with red tractors. Of course, no one in their right mind would throw a toddler into an open body of water; and chances are a farmer with a red tractor is not likely to hurt or traumatize you and your family. But these overwhelming and traumatic experiences leave lasting imagines in a young mind. As adults, former positive experiences can override a generalization that something fairly benign and regularly not