6 Mistakes ALL Newbie Dog Groomers Make Their First Year |
5. Undercharging your dog grooming clients When I first started my dog grooming career, I gave many deals to people who would let me groom their dogs because I needed all the practice I could get. But once you become a certified dog groomer, make sure you are charging normal grooming prices and not giving out too many deals. You went to school for this you have experience you have a right to charge for a full groom. Even if your client isn't the biggest fan of your grooming job, charge them full price. You gave that client a service, and you did the best you could to make their dogs look how they wanted them to look. So don't feel shame about charging the right amount. 6. Overcharging your dog grooming clients Another mistake is overcharging. You can definitely overcharge for a groom, and you have to be aware of the price for specific breeds. For example, if I am grooming a little Shih Tzu, I wouldn't charge $100 for the groom. At my shop, we charge $70 for Shih Tzus, so if I