5 Sure-fire Ways to Get a Dog to Like You |
A friend of mine once asked me, "Are there any sure-fire ways to get a dog to like you?" He thought that his friend's dog didn't like him and was desperate for some advice. If you're in the same boat, I have 5 amazing tips for befriending any dog. Just keep on reading. What is the sure-fire way to be liked by any dog? All dogs are different, so there isn't a single sure-fire way to get a dog to like you. However, if you mix and match these 5 tips, you'll quickly be on your way to making friends! Dog people usually melt when they see a fluffy pooch on the street, and they can't resist interacting with it. They have good intentions, but they end up stressing or frightening the poor animal. Why? Unfortunately, not all dogs are as friendly and trusting as you expect. So, in your enthusiasm to introduce yourself to your new friend, you create a terrible first impression. From there on, it's much harder to get a dog to like you. To avoid these mistakes, here are the five secrets you have to