MOODBOARD: Botanical Goddess - Studio Meroe
I thought I'd try to explore some moodier colors with this board. I've noticed a lot of blogs & brands are using warmer colors like pink & coral. When they do opt for a cool color it's usually mint green. I mean, who doesn't love mint green + coral, it's so good. But maybe it's time to move on? As a designer it's my job to always push boundaries and try to innovate—even with something as petty as a color palette. The first image I came across was the washed out salmon colored flower, periwinkle gauze fabric, and saturated leaves against a stark, black background—the photo evokes such a strong mood. The salmon color isn't far off from the bright coral that everyone's been using, but that's how color evolves. Also, can we talk about how gorgeous the minimal, sheer Vionnet 2014 Couture dress is?! So breathtaking. ACNE/FLOWERS/LANDSCAPE/SCULPTURE/DRESS/FONT/BOTANICALS