Session of the Week: History and Fiction - American Historical Association
Historians and authors of historical fiction come together in session 156, History and Fiction: Creative Intersections, to discuss researching and writing historical fiction, as well as using fiction and film in the classroom. This roundtable includes historian Jane Kamensky, who co-authored the novel Blindspot with Jill Lepore, author Geraldine Brooks, winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2006 for her book March (which tells the story of “the character of the absent father…who has gone off to war,” in Little Women), Donald Ostrowski, a historian of medieval Russia and a teacher who uses fiction and film in class, Joan Neuberger, a historian of Soviet film, and Peter Ho Davies, whose most recent book The Welsh Girl, creates a story about a “WWII POW camp built by the British in the remote mountains of northern Wales and Esther.”