What We’re Reading: June 24, 2010 Edition - American Historical Association
Last week the AHA announced its new report (with the OAH and NCPH) on how public history should factor in to tenure and promotion proceedings, and this week Inside Higher Ed takes note. In other news, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville gets set to digitize newspapers and California Newsreel announces this month's free film preview. We then link to two articles on museums: one from Wired on the American Museum of Natural History, and the other from American Association of Museums. We also cover articles on a 1976 image from South Africa, teeth and history, and preserving Hinchliffe Stadium. Finally, a new online collection of letters, Victorian "yellowbacks" the New York Public Library's menu collection, and just for fun a comic for history educators. Article By: David Darlington, Elisabeth Grant, Vernon Horn, and Robert B. Townsend