What We’re Reading: January 21, 2010 Edition - American Historical Association
It's been a few weeks since a regular What We're Reading post has gone up, due to the schedule around the recent 2010 annual meeting. But we're back, with a number of links collected throughout this month. We start with some newsy items, including coverage of the participation of historians George Chauncey and Nancy Cott in the Perry v. Schwarzenegger trial, a look at Haiti's tumultuous history, the opening of a history center at the Decatur House, and a look at "How to Teach the Writing of History" in this month's issue of Historically Speaking. Then, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, this past Monday, we have two links: an EDSITEment feature and the discovery of a long lost recording. Read on for more articles on the sub-fields of history (military history and the history of religion), history and new media, textbook revision and digitization, and history throughout the states. Article By: David Darlington, Elisabeth Grant, Jessica Pritchard, and Robert B. Townsend