From a college dropout to a filmmaker of international repute
Like most Indian youngsters, Nikhil Chandwani started out in life in a conventional manner by taking up engineering. What happened in the next few years was anything but conventional. Nikhil is an author, documentary filmmaker and photographer of international repute. He recently won the Conspiracy Novel of the Year Award for his book 'Coded Conspiracy' from the American Literary Forum Society. He is also the author of a poetry book which was the highest selling book in India last year. Overcoming the odds Nikhil was having a tough time in college, after he failed in many of his subjects. His parents were really worried about him and his future. He had a passion for writing and so he worked on a book while in college. At one point, he even went to the extreme of photoshopping a fake marks sheet to pacify his distraught parents.But things began looking up eventually. He published his debut novel, 'I Wrote Your Name in the Sky and yours and Yours Too' in his second year of college, and a