New Horizons & Thank You | apartmentdiet
THANK YOU! I've been trying to write this blogpost for a long time. I teach letting go and know it can be fast but some things take longer or there's a lag and perhaps it's also because we have hopes for how something should be or could be. Sometimes, it also just isn't. I am super proud of what we created here. However, this blogpost is to say Tip and I have decided to go our separate ways (professionally, not personally). And this will be my last post here. And I want to say thank you to you all for supporting us here! Most of what I have to say I have already written when writing a letting go and thank you letter to Apartmentdiet.com in Dec 2014. That being said, there is one thing that was missing from my thank you letter - and that is a thank you to Tip! Thank you for our friendship. For your bravery. For allowing me into your home to declutter. Thank you for coaching me and supporting me. Thank you for allowing me to coach and learn from and with you. Thank you for making me a