The Power of Release | apartmentdiet
We promised you the story behind Natalie's release of her first book "The Wedding Virus & Other Snippets" so here it is! A little snippet from where she first wrote about it on Dreame.me - Where Art & Storytellers connect. Stuff only becomes clutter when it stresses us out. I don’t always remember my dreams. One thing I do remember, however, is the dreamlike state I experience while in the shower. With the water rushing and my eyes closed, the moment a little thought pops into my head with great fervor, I have no choice but to listen. Perhaps it’s the water that turns all the other noise off, or the soothing trickle against my back that allows my mind to ease into an uninhibited state. Last year, in the midst of one such moment, I received the message, ‘release your mental clutter.’ Read more of her story on Dreame.me and let us know in the comments if you have a seemingly physically small item in your space that represents a huge emotional weight that you've been ignoring. We