Letting Go of “Apartment Diet” – with thanks | apartmentdiet
"Apartment Diet, it's been grand but hasta la vista, baby! Mwah. Tipxo" "Apartment Diet - so long and thanks for the fish! x Nat" It is with great joy and thanks and "release" that we say goodbye to the name "apartment diet". It's been a wonderful journey and we've learned great lessons but we've outgrown it and it's time to move on. It's likely that we will be back in the coming weeks (months?) with a new, clearer brand. And of course, we'll let you know of the new name and address we find. or that finds us. Nat's longer love letter to Apartment Diet is below. (You know we love love letters - and generally living with grace and gratitude.) xo Tip & Natalie Dear Apartment Diet, (Big exhale. Aaaaahhhhh.) There comes a time when the tap on your shoulder starts to yell at you and things that should be simple and energising feel tiring and heavy and even though you know it's not right you're too tired to continue or change the situation because it all feels: too hard, too