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// Natural Cures Brain Tumors, Natural Cures Brain Cancer In This Post I will discuss natural cures brain tumors and what the availability is of these treatments. Some are more costly than others but nothing compared to conventional medical treatment that does not even work anyway. Natural Cures For Brain Tumors Natural cures for brain cancer fall into three sections and all of these do not cause inflammation in the brain like other nutritional ones can cause. But before we go any further though I would like to point out that if you have any swelling on the brain or around the outside of your heads YOU SHOULD seek immediate medical attention. The reason being alternative medicine will not act quickly enough to get rid of the swelling. It is this swelling that can cause sudden death by pressing on parts of the brain that deal with your heart. Inflammation Needs To Go Also alternative medicine needs to get rid of the inflammation before it can treat the cancer. The problem i