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// Natural Cure Cancer A natural cure cancer is available now from methods that have been around for hundreds of years and all of these cure cancer naturally. Some newer methods from Dr Bob Beck Protocol have been here since the 1980's. Cure Cancer Naturally These natural cancer cures range from using Sodium Bicarbonate to just using a strict raw vegetable diet or juicing as it is called in these modern days. Other methods include a combination of other factors that bring about a natural cure. The Dr Bob Beck protocol involves a pulsing micro wattage device as well as consuming water with colloidal silver in it. This method can be accompanied by the Bill Henderson Protocol which has a nutritional approach that works hand in hand with the Bob Beck Treatment. My Three Main Cures Before we go into any more details of these cures I would like to explain more about how cancer forms in the first place. This is vital for anyone reading this that has not got cancer, the reason wh