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// Home Remedy For Constipation In this post I will be talking about a home remedy for constipation, this condition can be very painful and uncomfortable but it can be avoided by utilising these methods. What Is a Normal & What Is Constipation I would like to clear up a point here though as many people confuse how often we should have bowel movements in a week. Some people can go 4 times a day as a normal for them while others may only go twice per week. Either one of these can be normal as we all differ, the point is if you are not feeling bloated or uncomfortable don't worry because you are not constipated. Now let’s look at the causes of constipation and see how we can avoid it before it starts to manifest itself. Below is a list of common causes. Causes Of Constipation 1) Stress - To deal with stress I would recommend meditation or Yoga as they are very good at eliminating the symptoms of stress and leading to an overall better attitude towards life's ups