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// Bladder Cancer Survival Rate The bladder cancer survival rate varies depending on the area and stage the bladder cancer is at. Generally speaking the earlier you catch the disease the better the chances of survival are. Modern Medicine Says Rates From 96%-5.5% The range in survival rates varies from 96% to as low as 5.5% but at this point I have to tell you that these survival rates are solely based on conventional methods and do not take into account other alternative cancer treatments. Survival Rates Based On Modern Medicine Only * If the cancer is in situ (It has not spread) 96% survival rate * If the cancer is localized to the general area 70% survival rate * If the cancer has spread to a regional area 34% survival rate * If the cancer is metastatic 5.5% survival rate 100% With This Alternative Cure Like I said above these are based solely on what modern medicine offers. I can tell you know that bladder cancer is 100% survivable with the method I shall te