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// Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment Alternative Skin Cancer Treatment are now coming to light, these cures have nothing to do with modern medicine. One of the cures for skin cancer is Sodium Bicarbonate, learn here how to apply this simple method and bring about a cure. Sodium Bicarbonate & Honey If you are a regular reader to my website you will know that I am determined to get natural cures for cancer out there to the general public. One of the cancers I am dealing with here is the one that effect’s the skin. Sun Is Really Good For You Over the past 30 years we have been told repeatedly that the sun gives us skin cancer and that we must apply sun tan lotion in vast amounts to protect us from this. Studies have found now though that low exposure to the sun (15-20 min)is actually very beneficial to us and our skin. Sun's Healing Poperties Have you ever noticed like I have when you have spots on your face and they get exposure to the sun’s rays they actua