Welcome 2019 – beauty, food and travel | afshanesque
Hi everyone, I know have been away for a while, but not totally (been on the other social media channels). I was basically just taking a break from blogging. I wanted to spend some quality time with my family and truly enjoy the New Year and what this year has to offer. I am really positive about 2019. Although, it has started slow, I am sure that I will have lots to say and bring to the table. So why not start by telling you what I have been up to. As I am a beauty enthusiast I have still been keeping up with the launches and have been to a few events and enjoyed some time out along the way! First up I reached a big accolade or achievement last year in my job role. I am an Online Marketing Manager, so have 'like being a blogger', many roles within one. Really, I am more of a Social Media Manager. I work very closely with Facebook, through my company and even have our own rep. I have worked on many exciting campaigns, of which I will be posting soon on the portfolio part of my site. So