Smooth Legs – SmoothSkin Muse | afshanesque
Spring is upon us and hopefully the weather is changing to warmer days when one can wear more summery clothing. Long days mean getting those hair-free legs out even if it's just the ankles or in shorter sleeves. I am an advocate of having an easy life when it comes to hair removal, so when I got to try the SmoothSkin Gold IPL system I was more than hooked. Who wouldn't want to get rid of those stubble legs? LOL. SmoothSkin were the first to discover how light can be used for hair removal. Being at the forefront of IPL, SmoothSkin launched the most powerful device in 2014 with SmoothSkin Gold (which I have used successfully). When I was lucky enough to be invited to the breakfast launch of the new SmoothSkin Muse, I jumped at the chance. Bonus being that it was also being hosted at the Dalloway Terrace which is a very lovely and Instagrammable cafe. Breakfast was delightful - fresh juice, fresh fruit and avocado on toast. Who doesn't like avocado on toast? I was also excited