Skiing For Beginners | afshanesque
Learning to ski may look exciting and let's face it very exhilarating, but I must say it is an art and not as easy as it seems, especially as a beginner. I had the opportunity to ski with Inghams and was lucky enough to take my family along with me for the ride or should I say flight or even to ski! There are many resorts for beginners and great destinations to go are to France and to Austria. We went to the resort of Obergurgl in Austria, which is a perfect resort as it is on a high altitude and the highest ski villages in Europe. The snow is also snowsure, so it's even more reliable when skiing, even if snow isn't good that particular year. The plane journey to Obergurgl was epic, if you don't believe me, see for yourselves: Obergurgl has some beautiful snow capped mountains, crisp air and slopes that are perfect for beginners. The great thing was that on one side of the mountain we could ski (adults) and on the other side, the kids, where I could see my son and be self assured that