On The Travel Toothbrush | afshanesque
We're going through a hot phase at the moment and when the weather gets this way, what do we think of? Going out, of course! Whether going on your travels, visiting family or friends or just hitting the beach - it's always good to pack a few essentials. A good toothbrush is also a must to have in the bag. It has been proved that electric toothbrushes clean the teeth more effectively, so why not then combine all the above things and have fun! The Sonic Chic Urban Electric toothbrush is the perfect handbag size. It has a cool design and comes with 2 heads, so that the extra head keeps the toothbrush more durable and long lasting. It also comes with a battery (AAA) so that your all prepared on the go. The toothbrush comes in several designs that are chic and colourful. The toothbrush is also slim so it doesn't take that much space in a small hand bag. It is very competitive, starting at £9 and considering that it is better than an average non-moving toothbrush, that sure is a reason to