Lavender Fields | afshanesque
It's always nice to have a day out and deciding where to go is a dilemma in itself. Especially in the summer when looking for ways to not only entertain the kids, but have fun and go a place where you don't have to spend so much. Bringing the beauty of abroad to you locally or to have a day out in the UK. I was on the hunt for a nice family day out, so was looking for places to go that would be suitable and not too far. I came across the Lavender fields, which I have only seen in pictures. I have also seen the Lavender Fields and only thought it was in France. I have seen the fields in photos, I think they are located in Provence. These particular Lavender fields are in fact on our doorstep. Mayfield Lavender Fields is located near Sutton, in Banstead, Surrey. So not far from London at all. The best time to visit is in July and August when the fields are more picturesque and the Lavender is at its bloom. The Mayfield Lavender Farm is open from June till 14 September. So be quick and