iPhone Xs Max Camera Review in Shoreditch | afshanesque
I am a big fan of the iPhone and when I got the chance to test the new Xs Max, I can openly say that I jumped at the chance. So what better place to test the phone and its camera features, than in sunny London. We were in luck, it was very warm and sunny. I took my son along who was very excited to also take a look at the new iPhone and its features. London has so many picturesque sights to see and while living in London one can take it all for a little granted. I have always wanted to go to Shoreditch and was very excited to experience the fabulous street-art through the eyes of the camera. I thought I'd make it a day out for both my son and I and took the opportunity to wear my fabulously colourful dress from Zara. The dress worked out to be a good choice as it complimented the background street-art pictures. I have the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone Xs Max look-wise is not so different from the 7 Plus, but slightly edgier. The camera, however, is and has been substantially enhanced.