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When working at a desk, one needs to be mindful of position, being comfortable and having a good working environment to get the most out of oneself. I went to a workshop with Viking and #Fellowesonthemove recently which involved pilates, massages and smoothies and who doesn't like a massage and a smoothie! The venue was also amazing at the Collective Old Oak and I found some very Instagramable furniture and home goals. I was greeted by the lovely Jennie who immediately made me feel welcome. I was running late and missed some of the workshops. What I didn't miss on was having and making my own smoothie. The workshop started with a spot of pilates and how to do small exercises to do in between work and while working. We did some exercise of our feet, ankles, wrists and legs. The lady also gave us tips on how to exercise while sitting down at the desk. The smoothie I made using a traditional juicer that used fresh vegetables and fruit. I made my juice using apple, beetroot, celery and