Eid Get Ready and Celebrate With Me | afshanesque
First of all, Eid Mubarak to all my followers. I hope everyone is celebrating with their families and having a good time! Festivals can be a really great opportunity to celebrate with the family and a time to dress up! It's also the time to wear your favourite makeup and outfit to look your very best. This year however, I was at work on the Friday where my Eid outfit was a Kurta (top) and jeans. I bought my Kurta from Hali.H in Tooting, which is very local and perfect to pick up a nice outfit on the go. The Kurta was very on trend with a colourful design and tassels, with different coloured tassels that is, so perfect as tassel earrings too are in at the moment and so there is scope for many colour combinations. I bought the earrings below which looked on par as they matched the base of the Kurta. The makeup I wore on the day was from a Tanya Burr Fairytale palette that I got for just a £1, as it was to be discontinued. I used similar colours to the top, so it was a cream