Check it Out: Three Kingdoms Series - Zhuge Liang Legends Toys & Hobbies
Product Features:One (1) head sculpture with hairdoOne (1) bodySix (6) pieces of interchangeable palmsCostumes: One (1) light blue silk head dress resembling ridged roof One (1) white open cross-collar inner shirt One (1) pair of black trousers One (1) pair of white socks One (1) pair of black warped toe cap shoes One (1) white straight-front robe with wide sleeves One (1) gray pleated skirt One (1) blue girdle One (1) black front cloth embroidered with dragon pattern One (1) pair of leather belts One (1) light blue sleeveless jacket with open front One (1) light gray cloakAccessory:One (1) feather fanOne (1) bamboo slip bookOne (1) silk bag (carrying instructions for dealing with an emergency)One (1) foldable figure stand