ASHA's Medical Auction for Nathalia
Daphne, Alabama, United States : Auction runs from Sun Oct 5, 2014 12:00 PM until Sun Oct 19, 2014 05:00 PM. ASHA is Alabama SightHound Adoptions We are a not-for-profit group specializing in the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of sighthounds, primarily Salukis and Saluki mixes, that we bring to the U.S. from Qatar. We work with dedicated volunteers throughout the world who help us free these dogs from lives where they are used for hunting and racing, then abandoned and left to die on the streets, or in the deserts, once their owners no longer have need for them. Nathalia is one such dog. She was brought to ASHA, knowing she had some orthopedic issues, but the full extent of her injuries was not known until she underwent comprehensive testing here in the U.S. Working together with the staff at the University of Florida's School of Veterinary Medicine, it was discovered that Nathalia was riddled with buckshot, has a separated left elbow with embedded shrapnel, a crushed pelvis that has healed incorrectly (because she was never given medical care in Qatar while living on the streets), and a severely damaged left hip. Amputation is not an option due to the problems with her front leg. Last report from our veterinary contact at the school:. " The right patella is damaged but not causing any issues. The left hip however is severely damaged. There is deviation of the colon to the right (she's lucky she maintained function neurologically). There is also "ballistic" material throughout. Let me know if you have any questions. I talked with my ortho team today and they think $3 - 4,000 would be the ballpark (more than they thought yesterday after considering how involved it will be). They would reattach the triceps tendon to the bone, move the bone fragment down to where it's supposed to be, apply a tension band to keep it in to place as well as some suture, then place an external fixator to keep the piece in place but also maintain range of motion. They would also clean out any soft tissue that is restricting the joint, such as fibrous scar tissue. She would be in the fixator for 5-8 weeks then it would be removed. There would be additional rads to make sure everything is healed well as well as physical therapy throughout and after.". Nathalia is relatively young, and though she experiences chronic pain, she has remained happy and loving, even after suffering this horrible abuse. We are dedicated to relieving her suffering and giving her true quality of life. This auction will be used to help us meet our goal of raising $4,000 for Nathalia's surgery and rehabilitation. She is currently receiving water therapy in order to build her body back up in preparation for her surgeries. Thank you for caring about Nathalia and for helping spread the word about our auction. Donations to help Nathalia can be made directly to ASHA via our PayPal account. Simply designate your donation as being for Nathalia in the notes. ASHA PayPal: Thank you so much!. (Hosted on the Charity Auction System)