Eat Your Words 2015
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada : Auction runs from Mon May 4, 2015 06:00 AM until Thu May 7, 2015 04:00 PM. Fine food, some of the Capital Region’s most interesting people and supporting our children’s education are the key elements of Eat Your Words – a silent auction-style fundraiser organized by Friends of Priestman Street School. Simply browse the list of people – politicians, sports figures, local celebrities, business leaders and others -- and enter your bid on the person of your choice. The highest bidder will enjoy lunch with that person at the King Street Ale House and Brewbakers on Wednesday May 20th at noon, with proceeds going to fund much needed educational and wellness materials for Priestman Street School. Why support “Eat Your Words”. Five hundred and thirty children attend Priestman Street School in Fredericton, NB, every day. With an ever growing population at the school, educational, wellness and arts resources are stretched very thin. In an effort to find new and unique fundraisers to help support the school financially, the “Friends of Priestman Street School” are hosting this event. "Eat Your Words" is a fundraiser designed to bring community celebrities together with the school community in their efforts to support K-5 Literacy and Numeracy initiatives at Priestman Street School.. Funds raised will go towards purchasing books from the school book fair for each classroom library to increase student achievement and engagement in reading and writing. Increased sales from the school book fair further add resources directly back into the school library.and thus, into the hands of the students. Numeracy initiatives will also be supported with the purchase of children's literature with a focus on numeracy related concepts. (Hosted on the Charity Auction System)