Independence Charter School Take Flight Scholarship Travel Program
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States : Auction runs from Mon Feb 6, 2017 08:00 AM until Thu Feb 16, 2017 08:00 PM. Take Flight Scholarship Travel Program at Independence Charter School is to develop thoughtful global citizens through service-oriented international travel. All ICS 7th graders who meet academic and behavioral standards are welcome to apply. Ability to contribute financially is not a factor. We will be fundraising as a group to ensure that all trips are paid for. About the Application In orderto apply, an ICS 7th grader must not have any Ds or Fs on his or her June 2016report card. The application is a combination of an essay, a history of astudent’s travels to date, and an interview. Also taken into consideration arestudents’ behavior and academics. A panel of ICS teachers will determine whichapplicants will be accepted. Students who are accepted must be willing and available to meet with the travel group often (usually one day per week afterschool) in the weeks before and after the trip in order to engage in team building, trip documentation, and presentation planning. All travellers and their families must be willing and available to assist with group fundraising. About the Cost A family’s ability to pay for this trip has no bearing on whether a student can apply or be selected to travel. While students who are accepted will be asked to contribute financially and encouraged to solicit funds from family and community members, we anticipate that our travel group will be a combination of those who can andcan’t afford the entire cost of a trip. We will be fundraising as a group to ensure that all trip costs are covered. Why International Travel? Today’s fields of economics, health, communications, and technology are global in scope. Our children are coming of age in a world where nations increasingly work together to solve problems. Students who understand their place within aglobal context are well-positioned to participate in this essential exchange of ideas, skills, and humanity. Students at Independence Charter School practice global citizenship every day through language-learning and country-studies.Through Take Flight Scholarship Travel Program, they have an opportunity to experience global citizenship on a truly international level. https://independencecharter.org/?s=take+flight. (Hosted on the eFlea.ca Charity Auction System)